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Methods for Analyzing Social Media

September 13, 2013 Leave a comment

The publication Methods for Analyzing Social Media, edited by Klaus Bredl, Julia Hünniger & Jakob Linaa Jensen (2013) Routledge is presented as:

Methods for analyzing social mediaSocial media is becoming increasingly attractive for users. It is a fast way to communicate ideas and a key source of information. It is therefore one of the most influential mediums of communication of our time and an important area for audience research. The growth of social media invites many new questions such as: How can we analyze social media? Can we use traditional audience research methods and apply them to online content? Which new research strategies have been developed? Which ethical research issues and controversies do we have to pay attention to? This book focuses on research strategies and methods for analyzing social media and will be of interest to researchers and practitioners using social media, as well as those wanting to keep up to date with the subject.

This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Technology in Human Services.

Andra Siibak, Michael Forsman and myself has an article published here: Employing Creative Research Methods with Tweens in Estonia and Sweden: Reflections on a Case Study of Identity Construction on Social Networking Sites. (Here is the article version in J of Tech in Human Services.) The book will be available in paperback as well (2014).

The article was written within the frames of the.GTO.project.


the Invisible Girl: article proposal accepted

Today I got notice that my article proposal for the interesting book/project “the Invisible Girl” (Department of Applied Educational Studies, Umeå University) has been accepted. Will draw on experiences from the.GTO.project, and describe how tween (app. 10 to 14 years old) girls construct gendered identity in online environments. At least that is the plan …


September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Will spend the day in Tallinn together with my colleague in the.GTO.project Andra Siibak, writing an article for a special issue of the Continuum journal.

This article will focus on tweens experiences of gender identity construction in SNS. The primary emprical base is interviews with tweens in Estonia and Sweden. Scary how the gendered power structures are repeated; welcome how the kids are creative.

Pedagogiska magasinet

Pedagogiska magasinet

I Pedagogiska magasinets intressanta temanummer (nr 1/2009) om “gränslösa mötesplatser” – eller hur digitala medier kan användas som resurser i en pedagogisk-didaktisk vardag – har även jag bidragit med en artikel. På sidan 51 hittar du den. Numret innehåller många läs- och tänk-värda bidrag!

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