Current projects

Head of the
UngMods research project
Ungas multimodala gestaltning – hur digitala medier kan användas för uttryck och reflektion // Multimodal creation of young people – how digital media can be used for expression and reflection
. 2009-2012 [4 MKr]
3 year research project founded by KK-stiftelsen / The Knowledge Foundation. The aim of the UngMods project is to study how young people (age 13 – 17 years old) use ICT in formal as well as informal everyday learning contexts. With special focus on how the possibilities of multimodal creation support the subjects critical reflection on her learning, knowledge building and self-development.
Research blog

Head of
Konstruktion och normalisering av genus online bland unga i
Estland och Sverige // Construction and normalisation of gender online among young people in Estonia and Sweden
. 2009-2011 [5.6 Mkr]
3 year research project founded by Östersjöstiftelsen/The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies. The aim of the.GTO.project is to study how gender is created, expressed and normalized in online environments among young people (age 10 to 14 years old) in Estonia and Sweden.

Planeringsbidrag, UFN-lu, Södertörns högskola, 2008 [100.000 SKr]
Subjektivt lärande – kollektivt meningsskapande.
Ett samarbete med utvecklingsprojektet OneEighty vid Rektorsakademien.

Research networks

Member of the research network Framtidens medietider [the Media times of the future].

Previous project

Planeringsbidrag, UFN-lu, Södertörns högskola, 2007 [100.000 SKr]
Ungdomskulturella digitala gestaltningsformer.
[ledde till beviljad ansökan; UngMods forskningsprojekt]

Planeringsbidrag, Östersjöstiftelsen, 2007 [100.000 SKr]
Barns konstruktion av genus och etnicitet i Estland och Sverige – virtuella miljöer som möjlighet?
[ledde till beviljad ansökan; the.GTO.project]

Head of the
Virtual Society – beyond mobility. 2002-2005 [3 MKr]
3 year research project founded by Vinnova. The aim of the ViS-project is to study how people in their everyday life make use of ICT. The final report – “Att ta sin vardag i anspråk” [Swedish only] – was published november 2005. Homepage

Head of the evaluation of the development project
Oslo indre øst – IKT i flerkulturelle skoler // Oslo inner east – ICT in multicultural schools 2002-2005, a 3 year school development project with implementation of ICTs. Head of this evaluation together with Guri Mette Vestby, NIBR, Oslo university. Final report: Hernwall, Patrik & Vestby, Guri Mette (2005) Kultur for forandring? IKT i flerkulturelle skoler. Oslo indre øst. ITU skriftserie nr 29.
See also City of Oslo presentation and publications.

Ph.D.-student in
Forska och lära i närsamhället [Research and learn in the local community], founded by Vägverket [Swedish Road Administration].

Head of the evaluation of the development project
Den totalt IT-anpassade skolan” [The completely ICT-adapted school] and “Framtidens skola i dagens samhälle” [The society of tomorrow in the school of today] a school development project with implementation of ICTs, founded by Stockholm city and the Knowledge foundation [KK-stiftelsen]. Final report in 1999; “I början av en revolution?” [The start of a revolution?]

Research Coordinator in the
BotkyrkaProjektet [Botkyrka Project]. A R&D-project in the local community of Botkyrka (south of Stockholm), 1996-1998.

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