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Tools make a change

This video is a great example of how the appropriation of tools change our perception of the world we live in. Which obviously is the core argument behind the notion of the school; that by appropriation of tools (regardless of them being mental or physical) our senses, our consiousness becomes extended. It is with the help of the tools that we reach out in the world, so to speak. And, perhaps most importantly, this appropriation also has the power of emancipation, as our conditions in the world becomes changed. We perceive the world, ourself, our capacities, differently. We, as well as the world, is transformed. We are inextricable intertwined with our tools.

Her perception of the paper surface is – according to our perception – distorted. Her perception of the paper surface is understood through her previous experiences in the world. She is able to see something most of us did not even imagine. She helps us to understand how our percpetion is based on our past experiences.

“Steve Jobs has coded part of her OS”; her cognitive resources are fostered by what tools she has appropriated.

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