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Youth, technology, learning and the brain

In a New York Times article, “Growing Up Digital, Wired For Distraction“, youth, technology, learning and the brain is discussed. With many interesting examples from the contemporary challenged for not just school, teachers, and parents. But also for the kids.

I cant help being a bit confused by the discussion (and research) on whether the brain develops to be something else when its carrier, the subject, plays videogames, surfs the net or writes SMSs. Well, perhaps so. But what I find so much more intriguing is the fact that the brain, and the subject, can adapt to new and completely novel situations and challenges. That we as humans can make sense of what we primarily never experienced.

Well, I think the beauty of it all, is the simple fact stated by constructivist theory/thinkers decades ago: that we make sense of the world. And consequently, that our experiences affect us, affect our thinking, affect our behavior.

Sadly, it seems like the school has a harder time to adapt, to process the new information, to be á jour. To meet not just the demands of the kids, but also to meet the demands of a changing world. Of course, there are plenty of great examples of an updated school. And even more, that should have the merit of being seen as good examples. But, still, there are all to many kids going to school day after day, year after year, not being offered what they should have the right to: being educated for the world they live, and will continue to live, in.

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